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Confidentiality Agreement & Assignment of IP

This may sound like a mouthful, but this is a typical agreement for bringing on a new employee or contractor. In short, this requires the the employee (or contractor) to keep all information confidential AND it means that any intellectual property that is created by such person is the property of the company. Important for all companies, but very important for tech products.


What is included in a Confidentiality Agreement?

In many ways, this agreement accomplishes the same purposes as an NDA, however, it is specifically tailored to cover a span of employment. As an employer, you need your confidential business information to be protected, and part of this agreement is to ensure the confidentiality of your employees and contractors.


However, the other major part of this agreement is making sure that new intellectual property created by your employees or contractors belongs to you. This is an absolutely essential part of tech or software companies or really any other businesses that relies on the value of its IP to serve its clients.

We provide a simple form that all of your employees can sign that takes care of these crucial needs. Start by filling out the form above.

Why should I implement an IP Assignment 

An IP assignment agreement is vital when you want to secure ownership of innovations created by your employees or contractors during their engagement with your company. Without this agreement, the default legal ownership could remain with the creator, which can lead to disputes and complications, especially when you wish to commercialize or license the IP.

This is especially important for companies who think they may be headed for investment. Any venture capital firm is going to vet your IP by asking whether all employees and contractors who touched it signed assignment of IP agreements. Get this done now by putting a good form into place.

How do Confidentiality and IP Assignment Agreements benefit my business?

Implementing a confidentiality and IP assignment agreement can significantly enhance your business's stability and valuation. First, it simply makes clear that all employees are creating IP of the company, not themselves personally. These lines can get easily blurred in software companies, and a good assignment agreement helps sort this out. Further, these agreements prevent needless IP risk from accruing  that could deter otherwise attracted investors and buyers.


Our form will make this easy and help you integrate these agreements into your employee and contracting frameworks smoothly and legally.

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