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Master Services
Agreement & SOW

Selling services? We’ll help you get a template in place to sign with your customers. Streamline your engagements with our drafting services, and ensure clear, comprehensive terms that define project scopes, timelines, and deliverables. Our agreements are designed to minimize disputes and clarify expectations for all parties. Let's get started. 


What is a Master Services Agreement and why is it important?

A Master Services Agreement (MSA) provides a comprehensive framework for the business relationship between service providers and their clients. Whether you're a marketing firm, a software provider, a consultant or something else, if you are a service provider then a good MSA can not only drastically minimize your legal and financial risks, but a good it can also simply your customer relationship and onboarding.  Our MSA outlines the general terms and conditions under which your services will be performed, termination rights, payment terms, dispute resolution methods, non-solicit protections, and often the most important: ownership of intellectual property rights.


Our ideal MSA has three simple parts: (1) a customizable cover sheet where you or your customers can enter key information, select services, and sign; followed by (2) a "terms and conditions" style section that defines the parts of the relationship that will not change; and finally, (3) a SOW section where additional jobs and pricing terms can be added.


This kind of MSA is a small investment for a lot of reward. Get started with the form above.

How does a Statement of Work complement an MSA? 

A Statement of Work (SOW) is a document that specifies the particular details of each project covered under a Master Services Agreement, including project scope, specific deliverables, timelines, and payment schedules. The SOW makes it possible to manage client expectations precisely and adjust for project-specific requirements without needing to renegotiate the broader terms set out in the MSA. A good MSA - SOW structure prevents you from wasting time negotiating the terms that should not change (in the MSA) and focuses you on the project specific details that are fine to change (in the SOW).

What should be included in an MSA to ensure it's effective?

An effective Master Services Agreement should include detailed clauses on the scope of total services (though specific services will be listed in the SOW), termination terms, confidentiality and non-solicit clauses, payment terms, ownership of intellectual property clauses, warranties, indemnities, dispute resolution and limitations of liability. These elements ensure that all potential issues are addressed upfront, reducing the risk of conflicts and misunderstandings throughout the duration of the relationship. For the most part, the terms listed above (and in our form MSA) do not change dramatically from business to business, which is why our form process allows you to quickly get one into place for a very reasonable fixed price. Start by filling out the form above.

Can I use the same MSA for different clients?

Absolutely! The whole point here is to get you a good form contract that you can use from client to client. Our Master Services Agreement is designed to be flexible enough to apply to various clients and projects, while the SOW gets tailored to specific client needs and project requirements. Some customization is always necessary to address unique aspects of your business or to meet specific legal risks or assets you may have. Our fixed fee provides for an in-depth conversation with you to determine any specific business needs that should be addressed. Get started at this form.

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